Akrama Sakrama update – Notification soon

The Government will notify the scheme soon and is awaiting the approval of the Chief Minister, after the final consultation with BBMP and UDD.

It will be issued this week, an official source stated.


The Akrama-Sakrama notification is likely to be issued in the next two to three days.

The BBMP has already kept the hard copies of applications ready for those planning to submit them in person.

These applications will be made available free of charge at all the 198 ward revenue offices of the Palike.

The civic body will begin the process to implement the scheme after receiving the government notification.

The online application process might take another week as the (BBMP) is yet to put the system in place.

The BBMP Commissioner N Manjunatha Prasad said that the online system will be in place in about a week’s time. “We are working in this regard,” he said. Once the online system is ready, citizens can log on to the Palike website (www.bbmp.gov.in) and submit the application forms.


The Bangalore City Minister, The Commissioner, BBMP and officials held a meeting and discussed about the process and procedures to enforce the Akrama – Sakrama scheme and it was learnt that the cut-off date may be extended and the 2013 (old) guidance value may be set as the value parameter and the procedures to be adopted for the regularisation.

If the VIOLATERS, does not submit the application within 3 months, the Government may cut off power and water supply to such properties, to pressurise the violators to tow in the line.


AKRAMA – SAKRAMA ALLOWED By High Court of Karnataka – Regularisation of illegal, unauthorised construction and layouts is now possible


The High Court of Karnataka has rejected the plaint against the amendment to the KTCP Act and allowed the regularisation of unauthorised layouts and buildings.



The Akrama-Sakrama is being heard continuously in the High Court, since yesterday and there were submissions by the Government which were challenged and posted for the hearing today.

It is said that there is NO BASIS for regularising 50% of the residential buildings and 25% pf the commercial buildings and it is formulated based on the Bangalore`s requirement.



The High Court of Karnataka has adjourned the hearing on the notorious Akrama – Sakrama Scheme to 08-03-2016 for the final hearing.


Illegal buildings,unauthorised constructions, illegal layouts and deviations – High Court questions the Govt

The Government Pleaded before the High Court to permit the regularisation scheme Only ONCE.  But, the highmarish questions posed by the divisional bench to the Government Advocate was logical and was unable to respond to it.

The queries:

1). If this scheme is permitted, it is like legalising the illegality?

2). Why do`not you make necessary amendments by permitting more than 5% deviation?

3). Who permitted these illegal constructions and how did they come up?

There were too many unanswered questions and there was only one request:

Please allow this scheme ONLY ONCE. But, the court did not relent and posted the hearing to 18-01-2016.