Intel, on Wednesday, announced a ₹1,100 crore investment to set up a new design house in Bengaluru and will be located at Intel’s 44-acre campus on Sarjapur Ring Road (SRR).

With approximately 620,000 sq.ft. space, including lab capacity, the new building with specialised infrastructure will be used for design and verification purposes. “This additional capacity will help Intel India consolidate its Research and Development operations to a large extent at the SRR campus,” Intel said in a release.


Designed to be a ‘smart and green’ building, the upcoming facility, SRR4 (the Intel office) will be constructed using ‘One Storey High Technology’, with each floor being built on ground, then lifted and attached to the top of the building, and then built from the roof downwards.

“The building will be equipped with IoT-based smart features, including smart lights and real-time occupancy management, and will use renewable energy sources, such as solar and fuel cell-based power,” the company said.

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