Prime Minister Narendra Modi today told his party that there will be no let-up in his mission to nail tax evaders : with high-denomination notes cancelled,  he said his next crackdown will be on benami or proxy-owned property

The true impact of demonetisation can be found in every walk of life.  There are as usual complaints, that common man has to suffer standing in the Q.

But, He brought all the monies into the bank.  All the illegal hoarders, thinking of escaping in depositing cash into their accounts and others accounts, pumped money and the ever vigilant PM, immediately blocked the outflow of the illegal wealth and money by stopping the withdrawals and allowing only Rs.10,000/- a month.  The big sharks deposited money in the names of tom, dick and harry.  Overnight, the tom, dick and harry became very important persons.

NOW, he opened E-Mail, so that citizens can provide information on the black money deposited into the bank accounts and details about benami property.

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