Due to objections and a request for detailed hearing by the petitioners, the hearing on the Akrama – Sakrama has been adjourned to 27-06-2016.

6 thoughts on “AKRAMA – SAKRAMA HEARING ON 27-06-2016

  1. Is there a petition for at-least vacant sites, Due to this, Plan approval is also held up. BBMP has also stopped Normal processing of A Khata. They are not even taking betterment charges, all the work is diverted to Akrama Sakrama Schemes, More the delay, Bank Loans also will be help up. Kindly accept the request to process atleast empty sites.

    1. There is no petition for vacant sites. BBMP has not stopped the transfer of genuine and legitimate kathas. Betterment charges cannot be collected till the disposal of the writ petition.
      Illegal and unauthorised properties whether sites or apartments cannot be regularised or kathas issued and the building plans cannot be sanctioned.

  2. Thanks for the Reply,

    Is the allotted sites from the society (MCECHS) which has DC Conversion, Sanctioned Layout Plan, and ‘B’ Khata considered genuine and legitimate kathas.

    If so, then ‘Can BBMP collect betterment charges and issue A khata’

    When enquired in BBMP, they are pointing this conversion to ‘Akrama Sakrama’ Scheme. Is this Right?

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