Mr.Avinashi`s mail to property buyers.

Be careful about the details, brochures, names of the builders or the sellers, approvals, construction quality and finally the price.

80% of the apartment buyers cannot openly express their worry and anguish, as they had expected heaven on earth while buying the apartment, once bought, the hell drops down, without any notice or intimation.  Many property buyers are not aware of what they bought, till they get the court notice or the seepage in the building with bonus like charges and expenses.

I bought a site in 2004, never knew it was a panchayat or a revenue site. 2005 is a year, which saw the setback, as the High Court Of Karnataka has banned the sale of REVENUE SITES.  Till date, thousands of sites remain unsold or under developed like mine, but it is still being sold with fake or fabricated or forged or obtained through misrepresentation of facts and registered.

I work for 8 to 10 hours honestly and earn my bread and support my family.  In a bid to have my own little hut, I bought a site, But, due to my ignorance or foolishness, I am suffering, as I had bought an illegal property (as always published by ecopack). Whom to blame? The system, The seller ? Myself? The Subregister? The Agent? The Panchayat? What use to blame it?  I have lost money, no house, loans and free blood pressure and above all, chiding by friends and family members, make me angry.  What to do now?  Wait for Akrama Sakrama ? How long? Why not courts understand the plight of people like me?

Ever since, 2005, till date, people are buying the sites, braving the court orders, with fake E katha doing rounds.  In some cases, the DC Conversion orders are also fake and in some cases, specially on sarjapur road, the layout plan is also forged or manipulated.

Do not jump into buying without proper verification, even for the second sale or resale.


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