Discounts, club memberships, offers, special amenities and various luxury facilities associated with the sale of apartments, villas and sites available to the gullible investors or the buyers,  offered by the developers and sellers is the new trend in marketing.

All the facilities and luxury living will remain only in the BROCHURES.  

How can these facilities and amenities offered?  At What cost?  At whose expense?

Where on earth the developers get money or funds to offer all these luxury living amenities?  

Are these offers really worth it? 

is the land cheap?

is the materials or the products used in the construction cheap?

is the labour cheap?

is the fees (unofficial) collected or spent  less?

is the administration and management cost low?

is the advertisement in newspapers and electronic media free ?


Then How could the sellers/developers offer discounts, amenities and luxury living? 

All these offers, discounts, club memberships, amenities and luxury attachments and their value is ADDED in the Price.  Nothing comes free.  Nothing comes out of nothing.

The buyers pay for all of it.  Many buyers say that they bargained and got the best deal out of it.  God only knows their best deals.

The prices are shot up, the quality of the materials are compromised or cheapest product is used for the construction, construction quality is poor, the outdoor painting is the only factors, which might be good and all other factors used or utilised are cheapest among the cheap.

Study, understand, think and decide before buying the apartments.


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