BBMP CIRCULAR on Unauthorised Constructions dated 07-08-2015

The BBMP Commissioner had issued a circular directing the jurisdictional AEE to initiate appropriate action against all the unauthorised constructions within their jurisdiction and further directed them to request the BESCOM AND BWSSB not to provide Electricity and Water connection or supply.  Additionally, action is also initiated against the contractors/architects of such unauthorised buildings by blacklisting them.

The circular:

BBMP-Unauthorised construction-Comm-circular-10-08-2015-page-1 001
BBMP-Unauthorised construction-Comm-circular-10-08-2015-page-1 001
BBMP-Unauthorised construction-Comm-circular-10-08-2015-page-2
BBMP-Unauthorised construction-Comm-circular-10-08-2015-page-2

2 thoughts on “BBMP CIRCULAR on Unauthorised Constructions dated 07-08-2015

  1. Do these circulars or orders really have any effect? Laws and rules have always been there disallowing such illegal/unauthorized construction. On every street in Bangalore, one can see dozens of such constructions going on at any point of time. Don’t the authorities know about these cases? Of course they do. Looks like most people, including the immediate neighbours who will be affected in some way, do not care. The very few who do raise objections have to face extreme hardship, including threats, retaliation and such from the wrongdoers. The authorities suggest “compromise between neighbours”. If one goes beyond all these and seek legal recourse, then the matter gets dragged on, thanks to stay orders, appeals, adjournments. Fellow residents do not support due to not wanting to get into the bad books of the wrongdoers or the authorities. First of all, authorities turn a blind eye to this menace, even though they are well within their authority to take action on their own. But even if a concerned citizen raises a voice, the authorities do not support him, but rather help the wrongdoers.

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