4 thoughts on “AKRAMA – SAKRAMA UPDATE !!!

  1. Hello, i do not coming to know y government or citizen forum Are dragging the issue, we the public want one final decision from the honorable court, my humble request would be to honorable judge, plz donot provide anymore further dates to plaintiff or respondents plz do provide the final justice so that innocent publics may breath easy whatever may be the decree we all are ready to face as this common to all indian citizens


    1. Neither the Govt nor the forum is dragging this case. The court is providing opportunity to the parties to present their views and documents, if it is not provided, parties, may go in for an appeal stating that they have not been provided legitimate opportunity to submit the objections or otherwise, hence, it is adjourned.

      There is no need for either decree or the judgement, as you are ready, comply with the provisions of the law. Need not wait for the outcome at all.
      EP Team

  2. what will be the final outcome??? again the hearing is been to next date, but citizens should wait for long time to construct there own house to leave in bangalore god save us all

    1. The outcome cannot be predicted. Do not wait. Illegal, dangerous and irregular buildings with deviation and violation must not be constructed and there is no bar on the construction of the house. You can go ahead and construct.

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